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Read about state educational grants and where to find further information.

In order to be eligible to receive a student grant in Greenland, you must satisfy a number of conditions. You must:

  • Be a Danish citizen
  • Be actively studying in an approved educational programme
  • Be permanently resident in Greenland

You must not be in receipt of other social benefits or educational grants while you receive the state educational grant.

There is no student discount on public transport for students in Greenland. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to apply for free travel and support for freight transport. You can read more about your possibilities at the citizens’ service, Sullissivik.

High school programmes – GUX

If you are attending high school and meet the requirements, you can receive a student grant. It is paid out as a monthly stipend, and the amount is determined by whether you are over or under 18 years of age.

If you are under 18 and live in student accommodation, your board and lodging is free of charge. If you live in student accommodation without catering, you will receive a monthly meals allowance instead.

Vocational programmes – EUD

If you are a student in vocational education, you will usually receive apprenticeship wages from your internship venue. You cannot receive a student grant while you are receiving apprenticeship wages.

Your apprenticeship wages are determined by collective agreements between companies and unions in Greenland. In addition, the Government of Greenland provides a subsidy to the internship venue.

Programmes of further education

As a student in further education, you can receive a student grant if you satisfy the requirements.

Grants for further education are distributed according to a ‘clip card’ system, in which each student has a number of ‘clips’ available for further education. Each student has 82 clips, i.e. 82 months of grant payments.

In addition to the grant, a book subsidy is automatically paid out at the start of each semester.

Student loans

If you are a student in a programme of higher education in Greenland, you can apply for a student loan from the Government of Greenland, in addition to your student grant. Two types of loan are available:

  • Semester loans, which can be taken out every six months in connection with the start of a semester
  • One-time loans, which can be taken out once during your study programme.

Child allowance during your study programme

If you are a student with one or more children under the age of 18, you can apply for a child allowance so that you can provide for your child while you study. The child allowance is paid out each month, together with your student grant.

To receive the child allowance, you must have the support obligation for your child or adoptive child, and be actively studying and in receipt of a student grant. If you opt out of receiving the student grant, you will also not be able to receive a child allowance.

You can apply for the child allowance via Sullissivik.

If you are a Nordic citizen studying in Greenland

If you are a Nordic citizen or otherwise do not meet the requirements for a student grant, you can apply for an exemption.   This may be the case if you can for example document a special connection to Greenland.

There is no requirement that you must have worked in Greenland before you can receive a student grant.

Foundations and scholarships

As a student, you can apply for funding from several foundations that provide grants or subsidies for travel, book purchases and more.

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