Broadcasts from Choosing Green

Watch all previously broadcasted events from Choosing Green, a digital summit in the lead up to COP26, that took place on the 17 of November.

The events are divided into three themes:

Previous broadcasts

A green Nordic Region - how far have we come?

10:00 AM GMT+1, 17 of November:


  • 10.00 AM GMT+1: Giants or Lilliputians: Are the Nordics (still) climate front runners?
  • 11.00 AM GMT+1: How to punch above your weight-pushing the agenda

The green transition – consequences for Nordic jobs and skills?

1:00 PM GMT+1, 17 of November:


  • 1.00 PM GMT+1: Surviving the pandemic: Which sectors will thrive and who will suffer?
  • 2.00 PM GMT+1; Skills for sustainable development: A Nordic approach to the green future

Brave sustainable world - the Nordic model under pressure?

4.00 PM GMT+1, 17 of November:


  • 4.00 PM GMT+1 - Green transition victims: How to leave no one behind?
  • 5.00 PM GMT+1 - Nordic Welfare State: Green, inclusive and great?