Hans Wallmark, President of the Nordic Council, 2019

Hans Wallmark
Magnus Fröderberg/norden.org
Hans Wallmark has been elected President of the Nordic Council for 2019.

Hans Wallmark has been a member of the Swedish parliament since 2006, representing the Swedish Moderate Party, of which he is a member of party leadership. He is also vice-chairman of the party’s committee for foreign affairs and the party’s spokesperson for foreign affairs. Within the Nordic Council, he is the head of the Conservative group.

Wallmark is taking over the presidency of the Nordic Council following a meeting of the Presidium in June. He succeeds Jessica Polfjärd, who renounced the role when she was elected to the European Parliament. 

During his presidency, Hans Wallmark wants to focus on democracy issues – an area which is also a pivotal element in Sweden’s presidency programme for 2019.