Initiatives by the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation

The Ministers for Nordic Co-operation are involved in a variety of initiatives, projects and ventures designed to benefit the Nordic Region.

International branding of the Nordic Region

The Nordic Region has international momentum. Through the branding of the region, we will help to promote what we have in common: Our Nordic perspective, values, and culture that stems from a shared history.

Children and young people

The objective of the Nordic Council of Ministers' work on children and young people is to create good living conditions and improve their opportunity to exert influence on society.

Sustainable development

The Nordic countries agree that promoting sustainable development is a top priority. A sustainability perspective must be integrated into all work carried out within the framework of the Nordic Council of Ministers. In the period 2017–2020, the Nordic Council of Ministers is working primarily with the Generation 2030 programme, which supports the implementation of Agenda 2030 in the Nordic Region.

Freedom of movement

Freedom of movement is a key priority for Nordic co-operation and part of the efforts to fulfil the vision outlined by the prime ministers to make the Nordic Region the most integrated region in the world. 

Info Norden – The Nordic Council of Ministers’ information service

Info Norden is the Nordic Council of Ministers’ information service for people relocating to work, study or run a business in another Nordic country. Info Norden has a co-ordinated presence in all eight Nordic countries.

The Arctic

The Nordic Region is heavily involved in issues relating to this unique but vulnerable part of the world.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

The Nordic Council of Ministers has worked closely with Estonia, Latvia and, Lithuania since the early 1990s.

Co-operation with Russia

The Nordic Council of Ministers believes that developments in Russia are of significance to the Nordic Region.

Co-operation in the Baltic Sea region

The Nordic Council of Ministers has a number of partners in the Baltic Sea region and is actively involved in other forms of regional co-operation.

The Nordic Region’s western neighbours

The Nordic Council of Ministers works increasingly closely with neighbouring countries in the west, including Canada, the USA, the UK, the Shetland Islands, Ireland and Scotland.

The Nordic Region in Focus

The Nordic Region in Focus adds a Nordic angle to national debates. It organises seminars and debates on topical political, environmental, cultural and business issues.

Nordic information offices

The Norden Associations of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland are responsible for regional information activities relating to the Nordic Region. There is also a Nordic information office in South Jutland/South Schleswig.

Nordic government officials exchange (TJUT)

The exchange programme for civil servants provides opportunities to learn about how the other Nordic countries are run.