51 projects in 25 countries strengthen The Nordics

09.03.18 | News
The Nordics
The Nordics
The Nordics is a Nordic Council of Ministers branding project. One of the tools used to raise the global profile of the brand is to issue open calls for funding applications. In 2017, The Nordics supported 51 projects in 25 countries spread across five continents, helping to brand the Nordic Region and our shared values.

28 new projects around the world

EdTech in Singapore, social food in Islamabad, diversity during Rainbow Pride in Tokyo, design in Milan, culture in Toronto, sustainability in Mozambique, innovative digital platforms and Nordic podcasts are just some of the 28 projects receiving funding after the second open call, which closed in December 2017.

Open call has turned out to have a huge impact, and the cool thing is that it brings us into contact with a wide variety of creative talents with new ideas that we would have never have thought of ourselves

All of the 100 submitted applications, a record high, exceeded the expectations of the selection criteria, Nordic value, inter-sectoral collaboration, high PR potential and creativity. In addition to the 28 funded projects, 23 others received funding after the first call in May 2017: 

“We don’t attend events like the Winter Olympics in South Korea, where we would have had to struggle for attention along with everybody else. We prefer the open call approach, enabling partners with a Nordic mindset to tell and share our story. It has turned out to have a huge impact, and the cool thing is that it brings us into contact with a wide variety of creative talents with new ideas that we would have never have thought of ourselves,” says Tobias Grut, Brand Manager for The Nordics.

The open call is one of several initiatives designed to implement the strategy for the international profiling and positioning of the Nordic Region. Applications were invited in two categories: “Supportive Co-operation” (up to DKK 250,000) and “Creative Talents” (up to DKK 50,000).

See the list of the 28 successful applications below.

Striking up new conversations

One of the points of the branding project is to re-think the traditional concept of place branding. Most of the world doesn’t distinguish between the Nordic countries. They see a group of countries with shared values and ideas such as openness, trust, innovative thinking, sustainability and equality.

The Nordics seeks to create a unified brand and share its relevance with the world, showing how Nordic thinking has so often inspired others and how our values transcend borders, cultures and generations. It does so by striking up new conversations and collaborations and exchanging information and ideas.

Get the Nordic feel

More and more organisations and companies are exploring the options for Nordic collaboration and coming up with exciting new projects and events around the world.

The Nordics is about to launch a brand toolbox to help anyone to infuse their project with the Nordic vibe. It will help you create your own material, or you can also just download films, images and templates. 

The next call for applications will be announced later this month.

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The following 28 projects have received funding from The Nordics:

Supportive Co-operation:

The Nordic Narrative in Athens, Athens, October – December 2018 Joint presentation of #TheNordics to the Greek public through a range of projects, all related to books and literature and all under the auspice of "Athens UNESCO World Book Capital 2018. Partners: Embassy of Denmark in Athens, Embassy of Sweden in Athens, Norwegian Institute in Athens, Metaichmio Publications

Nordic export drive for Nordic culture and urban solutions in Asia, Singapore, July 2018 A joint Asian export initiative promoting Nordic culture and urban solutions for more sustainable, smart and liveable cities in Asia. Partners: The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA), Museum of Finnish Architecture (MFA), Sweden’s National Centre for Architecture and Design (ArkDes), Centre for Liveable Cities in Singapore

Nordic Tech Week, Berlin, 2018 The festival will showcase the Nordic tech scene to German investors, companies, the public sector and politicians environment to build lasting relations. Partners: ICT Norway, Swedish IT and Telecom Industries, Oslo Business Region, Norway, and the Danish ICT Industry Association

Nordic edtech, Singapore, 2018

This project brings together leading organisations to draw up a vision to support Nordic edtech companies, improve their visibility and promote the potential for business in international markets. Partners: Oslo Edtech Cluster, Swedish EdTech Industry and Edtech Denmark

Días Nórdicos, South America, November 2018 The Días Nórdicos festival stems from a cultural strategy and idea that has proven its worth and highlights the resonance that modern Nordic culture has ii Spain and South America. Partners: ROSA – The Danish Rock Council, Zona de Obras, Spain, Nordic House, Åland, Tutl, the Faroe Islands, The Association of Faroese Composers, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Argentina, and more.

Nordic/Pakistani food fusion, Islamabad, October 2018 Pakistani and Nordic chefs will create a culinary fusion and showcase it and the underlying philosophies, backed by a media splash. Partners: Embassy of Finland in Islamabad, Embassy of Denmark in Islamabad, Embassy of Sweden in Islamabad.

Nordic Dialogues 2018, Brazil, 2018 Based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development the annual themes of the Nordic Dialogues are related to specific UN SDGs. The first Nordic Dialogues to be held in 2018 will focus on gender equality. Partners: The Nordic embassies in Brasília, the Danish Cultural Institute in Rio de Janeiro and Servico Social do Comercio

Présences Nordiques 2018, Canada, April – December 2018 The project will support relations between Canada and the Nordic countries on cultural issues, and spread knowledge of Nordic expertise and values in culture, cultural policies and languages. Partners: Embassy of Denmark in Canada; Embassy of Finland in Canada; Embassy of Iceland in Canada; and Place des Arts

Nordic Seattle, Seattle, May 2018 Seattle will be a Nordic city – just like Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Reykjavik, and Stockholm – for the month of May. This temporary transformation will be made possible by the opening of the new Nordic Museum and Nordic Seattle – a month-long celebration of Nordic arts, culture and innovation. Partners: Nordic Heritage Museum, The five Nordic embassies in Washington, and Seattle Symphony

Nordic Cultural Week: The Nature of Equality, Lima, October 2018 The week-long event includes art, culture and stimulating debates in Lima, the capital of Peru, and on social media. Partners; Embassy of Sweden in Lima, Embassy of Finland in Lima and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

North of... Norden, Toronto, November – December 2018 Harbourfront Centre presents the North of… Norden festival – an exploration of Nordic culture through music, film, food, and design. Partners: Harbourfront Corporation in Toronto, Export Music Sweden, Danish Design Council, Nordic Feast, and Happiness Research Institute

Relaunching the Scandinavian film terrace, Cannes, May 2018 The Scandinavian Terrace in Cannes is where Nordic films meet the world. In 2018, the Terrace will get a digital and physical makeover with a SoMe, PR and event revamp. Partners: Scandinavian films (The Finnish Film Foundation, Danish Film Institute, Icelandic Film Centre, Norwegian Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute.)

NORDIC WAY, Indonesia, April 2018 This project shares Nordic solutions that improve daily lives in cities, under the umbrella of Sustainable Urban Planning. It will take the form of a roadshow to 3–4 major Indonesian cities, including Jakarta. Partners: Embassies of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway in Jakarta

A Nordic Region for all, digital, March-November 2018 Universal design and accessibility are drivers for human rights and sustainable development. We promote this by disseminating knowledge, including videos on social media and via our acclaimed multi-stakeholder dialogues. Partners; Nordic Welfare Centre; The Delta Centre at the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs, Swedish Agency for Participation, and Finnish Disability Forum

Good Growth Week, Mozambique, 2018 A joint event to share good practices and sustainable methods to promote inclusive and sustainable growth strategies in the private sector that will result in more and better jobs – especially for young people. Partners: Embassy of Norway in Maputo, Embassy of Sweden in Maputo, Embassy of Finland in Maputo

Narva is Next, Estonia, 2018 A value-driven Nordic strategy for a collaboration and communication strategy in the form of a city festival designed to come up with clear and practical structures that will help break negative trends in Narva. Partners: Tallinn Music Week, Musiccase OÜ, Estonia, Ebba Lindqvist PR, Sweden, Tattarrattat, UK, Pär Nuder, Sweden, Empty Tape Management, Denmark, and the embassies of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland in Estonia.

Creative Talents:

Les semaines du film nordique au Maroc, Morocco, October 2018 The Nordic Film Weeks return in an expanded version in 2018, with screenings in Rabat, Casablanca and Tangier, plus a seminar to discuss Nordic/Moroccan perspectives on gender equality in cinema. Applicant/lead organisation: Embassy of Sweden in Rabat

The Nordics at Tokyo Rainbow Pride, Tokyo, May 2018 The five Nordic embassies in Japan are proud to represent Nordic values of openness, tolerance and inclusion at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018, with a joint Nordic booth, outreach for local media and related activities. Applicant/lead organisation: Embassies of the five Nordic countries in Japan

The Nordic environmental footprint in Mumbai, Mumbai, 2018 The Nordic countries are taking part in the world’s largest public campaign to save the oceans from marine litter and microplastics. Applicant/lead organisation: Consulate General of Norway in Mumbai and the Consulate General of Sweden in Mumbai

OAK: The Nordic Journal, Digital, March-April 2018 OAK’s new series of podcasts, Nordic Traces, brings the magazine to life through inspiring discussions with the leading creatives featured in the new issue. Applicant/lead organization: Oak Publishing

ARS – Artist Residency Swap, Digital, 2018 Artist Residency Swap is based on core Nordic values, and hosts a web platform and community that enables artists and other creatives to temporarily swap homes and workspaces Applicant/lead organization: ARS – Artist Residency Swap

Nordic Design in Milan, Milan, March-April 2018 A targeted Nordic PR project during Milan Design Week, April 2018. Applicant/lead organisation: Copenhagen Design Agency

#bettercitybetterlife, Chile, 2018 A campaign to inspire customised climate action and facilitate exchanges of information and experiences between Chile and the Nordic countries on technology, incentives and private-public partnerships that promote smart cities and the circular economy. Applicant/lead organisation: Royal Embassy of Norway in Santiago

Nordic Night, Ukraine, May 2018 Nordic Night at the Museum of Kiev History will create a warm, friendly atmosphere conducive to dialogue and partnership, in order to promote the Nordic way of life, share key Nordic values and inspire Ukrainian partners. Applicant/lead organisation: Royal Danish Embassy in Kiev

Food for Thoughts, Træna, May–October 2018 Food for Thoughts will be a 6-hour, site-specific event running from high tide at 8 o’clock in the evening to low tide at 2 o’clock in the morning. Applicant/lead organisation: The Northern Company

The Nordics and Canada – common values, common solutions, Canada, February–April 2018 Video project highlighting commonalities between the Nordic countries and Canada and showing how tried and tested Nordic solutions are relevant in a Canadian context. Applicant/lead organisation: The Swedish Embassy in Ottawa

SAUCE 2018, Helsinki, September 2018 SAUCE will be provide inspiration for conversations designed to promote a better food future for all. The main ingredients will be Nordic values such as openness, trust and sustainability, seasoned with a generous dash of creativity. Applicant/lead organisation: Pauliina Pirkola

this.festival: Northern Lights on New Realities, Digital, September 2018 this.festival aims to bring together, praise and showcase the next generation of digital visual storytellers by working together on gaming, video, film, music, art, architecture and design. Applicant/lead organisation: Filmby Aarhus, Denmark