Circular Economy is the way forward - new issue of "Green Growth the Nordic Way"

29.04.15 | News
Sigurður Ólafsson/
The new issue of the web magazine "Green Growth the Nordic Way" from the Nordic Council of Ministers zooms in on the latest results from three major initiatives on the reuse of textiles, plastic recycling and food waste. The projects point towards a big potential in these areas for both environmental benefits and job growth in the Nordic region.

The concept of circular economy is gaining more and more prevalence in current economic and environmental thinking. We have long talked about recycling, but now the discourse is getting ever more sophisticated with a focus on reusing and upcycling as well as a complete rethinking of the entire way we organize our societies. Three projects under the Nordic Prime Ministers’ green growth initiative deal specifically with the circular economy and have shown impressive results. They address the challenges involved in terms of a growing amount of textile and plastic waste, along with the issue of food waste in both the primary as well as the retail and consumer sector.

In this issue of “Green Growth the Nordic Way” you can read about the latest results from the three projects, including a brand new Nordic Textile Strategy and Commitment, a set of guidelines for plastic recycling and innovative research on mapping food waste in the primary sector, among many other things.

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