Nordic and Baltic experts gather to boost efforts in identifying victims of human trafficking

28.05.15 | News
The Nordic Council of Ministers proceeds with strengthening its efforts against trafficking in human beings. A third expert knowledge forum will take place in Lithuania's capital Vilnius on 3 June 2014. Meetings such as this provide opportunities for practitioners to discuss solutions to the persistent problem of human trafficking.

The knowledge forum is being organised within the framework of a Nordic Council of Ministers project entitled 'Nordic – Baltic – North-West Russian Border Regional Cooperation Part II: Combating Trafficking in Human Beings for Forced Labour, Children and Sexual Exploitation'.

The third expert convention will focus on the identification of victims of human trafficking in the Baltic Sea Region in a regional cross-border perspective.

The event will be arranged as a discussion forum where the activities of the police to identify victims in Baltic and Nordic countries will be the starting point. The police will share their practices to identify victims from the first steps of the uniformed police to the criminal police and criminal proceedings.

Discussions on when exploitation turns to trafficking, victim and criminal identification and cooperation of NGOs and the police will be raised. The challenges for the uniformed and criminal police of identifying victims and raising awareness among public will be discussed in workshops.

Previous forums:

Knowledge Forum I: 'Trafficking in Human Beings: Recruitment, Identification, Victim Support' (April 24-25 2014, Tallinn, Estonia);
Expert Seminar: 'Legal Proceedings' (November 12-13 2014, Stockholm, Sweden);
Knowledge Forum II: 'Social Consequences' (November 27-28 2014, Riga, Latvia).

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