Nordic Council meets Russian politicians in Oslo

14.03.18 | News
Johannes Jansson/
The Nordic Council and the Norwegian parliament will host a dozen Russian politicians from 19 to 21 March. The visit forms part of the annual parliamentary exchange between the Nordic countries and Russia. The President of the Nordic Council Michael Tetzschner is hosting the meeting.

During their visit, the Russian guests will meet the Norwegian parliament’s foreign affairs and defence committee, as well as the delegation for Arctic co-operation. In addition, the guests will get acquainted with the Norwegian media system through a visit to Norway’s public service broadcaster NRK.

“We’ll be hosting the Russian delegation, which represents the official Russia. The Nordic Region must pursue a proper and commercial relationship with all its neighbours,” says Michael Tetzschner, President of the Nordic Council.

Aspirations for an informative exchange

The president emphasises that the Nordic Region is characterised by a strong sense of political community in which the individual countries look after their interests through their own ministries of foreign affairs, and through their own diplomats in international, multilateral organisations.

“The Nordic Council does not have its own foreign policy in supranational terms beyond the shared position of the Nordic countries. This is what governs the council in our international work. Nevertheless, we hope that the visit will provide an enlightening and informative exchange for all those involved,” says Tetzschner.

Annual tradition

The parliamentary exchange between the Nordic Council and Russia is an annual tradition that began in 1992 and is one that has continued in recent years, despite increased tension between the west and Russia. In recent years, fifteen Russian politicians have been invited to a Nordic country every year, with the five countries taking it in turns to host them.

The purpose of the annual meetings is to promote parliamentary exchange between the countries.

The Russian politicians are comprised of members of the State Duma, the Federation Council, and regional parliaments, primarily from the northwestern part of Russia which borders the Nordic Region.

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