Nordic Playlist: The new path to Nordic music

07.01.14 | News
A new online platform compiling the most influential and cutting edge music from the Nordic countries launched on January 6th 2014. Nordic Playlist makes it easy to discover and stay updated on the best Nordic music - introduced to you by the prominent musicians, artists and music professionals of the north.

A shortcut to some of the world’s coolest music has just been opened. Called the Nordic Playlist, the free-to-use service will offer a weekly snapshot of the region’s hottest acts and biggest tunes - all curated by a host of respected international names, including artists, DJs, journalists and festival bookers.

Each week, these tastemakers will compile a 10-track playlist consisting of two of their favourite tunes from all of the Nordic countries, with the results made available at and promoted via licensed streaming partners, Deezer, Spotify and WiMP.

All playlists will be accompanied by official Top 10 sales and streaming charts, as well as extensive editorial focused on the latest Nordic trends - offering an easily accessible insight into one of the world’s most compelling and innovative music scenes.

As the international praise of the Nordic DJ-scene is rapidly growing, Nordic Playlist will provide a bi-weekly mix by the region’s most innovative DJs. This part of the site will be kicking off with Denmark’s Kasper Bjørke and set to be followed by an exclusive mix from Iceland’s Sexy Lazer. A spotlight will also be shone on new Nordic artists through the site’s Up and Coming section – a place to showcase the newest sounds being produced by the most exciting new acts in the Nordics.

Throughout 2014 a total of 51 prominent curators will reveal playlists featuring songs from their favourite Nordic acts, but before they take over, the Nordic Playlist’s own editor Francine Gorman is first to host the playlist. Gorman explains: ”The Nordic Playlist is an exciting new initiative that will offer fans from around the world a single destination to enjoy the best new Nordic music”

The Nordic Playlist’s aim is to make it easier for any audience to explore the Nordic music scene in the hands of great guides. It is also the aim to create a closer co-operation between the Nordic territories and to show the full dimensions of Nordic creation in a united and international scope.
Anna Hildur, NOMEX programme director explains: “The Nordic region has long been recognised as a hub of musical and creative excellence. However, until now, there was no one place to check the pulse on what is happening across the Nordic region. The Nordic Playlist changes this.”

Nordic Playlist is backed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.