Declaration by the Nordic prime ministers concerning freedom of movement in the Nordic Region

01.01.70 | Declaration
This declaration was published on 28/10/2015 at the Session of the Nordic Council.




“We want to eliminate all obstacles to freedom of movement that impede growth in the Nordic Region.

Unfortunately, we still encounter examples of differences in rules and product specifications that deter companies from expanding into the other Nordic countries and exploiting the combined market of 26 million people. This is regrettable. It inhibits growth and job creation and makes it harder to attract inward investment.

We welcome the efforts of the Freedom of Movement Council and envisage it continuing to play a key role in the work done by the Nordic governments to address this issue.

We also acknowledge that business organisations, employers and trade unions have their fingers on the pulse. They know where the real obstacles lie. We are therefore calling for the Freedom of Movement Council to enter into even closer dialogue with representatives of these bodies and to involve them more deeply in Nordic efforts to promote freedom of movement. These organisations are capable of helping to identify solutions to the remaining challenges and this will benefit business and everybody who lives in the Region.

We therefore mandate the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers to facilitate a structured dialogue that brings representatives of these organisations together with the Freedom of Movement Council and appropriate Nordic ministers to address the issue."