The organic farming organisations in the Nordic Region – Sweden

Ekologiska Lantbrukarna Sverige
Lisa Schneider
Organic farming boosts biodiversity

The organic farming organisations in the Nordic Region work together to ensure a long-term and sustainable food supply. A key part of this work consists of protecting and promoting biodiversity in and around agricultural landscapes,where ti is under serious threat at the moment. Research shows that organic farming on average results in a 30% increase in the number of plant, insect and animal species compared to industrialised agriculture, making it an important tool that significantly reduces the loss of biodiversity.

Organic farming calls for both perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit. To realise their sustainability goals, the farmers have organised together, drawn up regulations and launched independent control bodies that certify products as organic. While their work has sometimes proved provocative, the growing market share of organic produce shows that they are making more and more progress, More organic food produced by Nordic agriculture means more biodiversity.

The organic farming organisations in the Nordic Region consists of the following associations: Organic Denmark (DK), Ecological Farmers Åland, Organic Norway, the Swedish Ecological Farmers Association and the Finnish Organic Association.

Organic farmers not only protect biodiversity – we create it

Sofia Sollén-Norrlin