14.11.19 | News

Earmarked paternity leave – an effective way to change norms

Launching today, the report State of Nordic Fathers finds that 90 percent of Nordic fathers want to be heavily involved in the care of their small children. Yet they don’t feel that other men accept this. The report seeks answers to why fathers in the Nordic countries only take between ...

05.11.19 | News

Dads encourage dads in new Nordic campaign

Be like the President of Iceland and the Swedish electrician Silva – show that you’re a #DadOnBoard! The idea behind the #DadOnBoard campaign is to get dads to inspire other dads to do equal parenting. It starts today and runs until International Men’s Day on 19 November. On 14 November...

Leadership and equal opportunities at work
26.03.19 | Information

Knowledge hub: The Nordic Gender Effect at Work

Investments in gender equality in the labour market have made the Nordic region one of the most prosperous areas of the world. This series of briefs shares the true story of how investments in gender equality foster employment, family wellbeing and growth. Let it be a a practical too...