Dads encourage dads in new Nordic campaign

05.11.19 | News
Pappor som vill dela föräldraledigheten lika
Anna Rosenberg
Be like the President of Iceland and the Swedish electrician Silva – show that you’re a #DadOnBoard! The idea behind the #DadOnBoard campaign is to get dads to inspire other dads to do equal parenting. It starts today and runs until International Men’s Day on 19 November. On 14 November, the report State of Nordic Fathers will be launched in Copenhagen during a debate on fatherhood.

Post an everyday picture of you and your child to illustrate how shared parental leave makes a difference!

You can inspire other dads to take a greater share of parental leave and encourage Nordic governments to promote equal parenting.

At the end of the campaign, the Nordic Council of Ministers promises to send the stories and encouragements of Nordic fathers to the Nordic governments.

Only a 20-percent share of parental leave

Nordic dads are the best in the world at taking parental leave and spending time with their young children. Yet despite the fact that parents usually have the opportunity to share parental leave equally, Nordic dads still only took 20 percent of the leave on average in 2017.

So what’s holding dads back from sharing parental leave equally with their partners?

This was just one of the questions put to 7,500 residents of the Nordic Region as part of a new report titled State of Nordic Fathers, which is due to be launched on 14 November.

Meet the President of Iceland in a debate on fatherhood!

A debate will be held at UN City in Copenhagen where an all-male panel will discuss what motivates and holds back men from taking equal responsibility for children and work around the home.

The panel will consist of:

Guðni Jóhannesson, father of five and President of Iceland

Silva Eiseb Söderstrand, father and electrician

Bjarne Corydon, father and editor-in-chief of the newspaper Børsen

Ché Nembhard, project manager for the report State of Nordic Fathers

Pelle Hvenegaard, father, actor, and author

Thomas Blomqvist, father and Finnish Minister for Nordic Co-operation and Equality

The debate will be led by journalist Adam Holm.

Major study of Nordic fathers

The report State of Nordic Fathers has been produced by the Nordic Council of Ministers in co-operation with the Swedish organisation Män and the international organisation Promundo.

Promundo has previously published the report State of the World’s Fathers 2019 which is based on research, interviews, and surveys involving 12,000 people in seven countries.

The global report states, for instance, that there is still not one country in the world where men and women share unpaid care work and work around the home equally.