Human Exposure to Chlorinated Paraffins in Scandinavia

Association between human biomonitoring and external exposures to SCCPs, MCCPs, and LCCPs in a Norwegian cohort


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Chlorinated paraffins (CPs) have received global attention by the authorities as well as the industries using or producing CPs. In late 2017, a group of short chain chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs) and replacement CPs were found in both Norwegian and Swedish mothers’ milk and, later, in mothers’ milk from over 50 countries across the world. his project focused on a comprehensive understanding of body burden and multiple human exposure pathways to both legacy CPs and current-use CPs in a Norwegian cohort. The cohort provided a rare opportunity to explore human exposure to CPs compared to the other consumer chemical contaminants. Combining both internal and external information, it was studied how much and to what extent people are exposed to the chemicals via different pathways, and what the differences are between the legacy CPs and the current CPs in human exposure and accumulation. 
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