Loss and Damage Financing Solutions

Mapping and Feasibility Study


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Climate change leads to more severe and frequent disasters, increasing heat and sea level rise.  When natural or man-made systems meet soft or hard adaptation limits, it can lead to loss and damage (L&D). L&D is unequally distributed, affecting the most vulnerable and least developed countries the worst. At COP27, Parties to the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement agreed to establish new funding arrangements and a fund in support of developing countries that are particularly vulnerable to climate change L&D. This project aims to map and identify innovative sources of funding for addressing L&D. The project outcomes include a report on the issue; a public webinar on 14th September 2023 in which the findings will be discussed with experts and stakeholders across the global South and global North; and a side event on L&D financing solutions in the Nordic Council pavilion at COP28.
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