Nordic businesses on climate  transition,  competitiveness and growth

– An interview study among leading businesses in the Nordics


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In order to investigate how climate efforts and competitiveness are connected in the Nordic region, CEO's and top management of some of the leading companies in the five countries have been interviewed. According to the interviews, the Nordic region can contribute to reaching the Paris Agreement. Climate change is top of mind of CEOs, chairs and top-level management in Nordic companies, and contributing to reaching global climate goals is not only altruistic. Almost all companies say that climate efforts can boost competitiveness. There is strong support for the Nordic region to be front runners in global climate efforts and acting together to push the EU to adapt more ambitious climate policies. The interviewed companies have approximately 540 000 employees. The aggregated revenue of the companies is around 200 billion EUR, corresponding to 17 percent of the GDP of the Nordic region.
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