Nordic co-operation programme on gender equality 2019-2022 (extended until 2024)


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The co-operation of the Nordic countries, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland on gender equality is to effectively contribute to the Nordic region becoming a gender-equal region. Achieving a gender-equal society requires an active gender equality policy that not only improves the situation for the individual but also lifts society. Utilising women’s and men’s, girls’ and boys’ competency, experience and ability to exert influence is vital for creating a sustainable future. The Nordic Co-operation Programme on Gender Equality 2019-2022 has four focus areas: Future of work and economic growth; Welfare, health and quality of life; Power and influence; Gender equality with focus on men and masculinities. The programme also promotes an outward-looking and visible collaboration, and puts emphasis on gender mainstreaming within the Nordic Council of Ministers. In 2021, the Nordic Council of Ministers for Gender Equality and LGBTI (MR-JÄM) decided to extend the Nordic Co-operation Programme on Gender Equality 2019–2022 until 2024.
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