Programme for Nordic Co-operation on the Environment and Climate 2019–2024


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For many years, the Nordic countries have worked together successfully on the environment and climate, which has contributed to significant progress both in the Nordic Region and internationally. However, in recent years, the challenges we face have grown in size and quantity, making co-operation increasingly important.Between 2019 and 2024, the Nordic countries will work together to bring about sustainable development in the Nordic Region, the EU, and internationally. Together, the countries will pursue the ambitious implementation of international agreements on the environment and climate – in particular the Paris Agreement – and work together to strengthen the EU’s regulatory framework regarding the environment and climate.The Nordic countries will continue to be front-runners in terms of bringing about change. Nordic co-operation on the environment and climate seeks to halt the loss of biodiversity and bring about the sustainable use of natural resources. Together, we will work to accelerate the transition to a circular economy that limits our consumption and production to the capacity of nature. Other important areas of co-operation include efforts to minimise the risks posed by chemicals and hazardous substances, and stop the discharge. Compared with previous programme periods, there is a stronger emphasis on co-operation on sustainable cities, climate adaptation, and green financing.
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