Service provision and access to services in Nordic rural areas


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This report presents results based on in-depth field work in eight case studies of rural areas identified as having high access to services or as good examples in their national and regional context: Lolland, Suðuroy, Kinnula, Avannaata, Múlaþing, Herøy, Vimmerby and Geta. The aim of the field work has been to investigate service provision and validate the results of a research and policy review focusing on Nordic rural areas. The investigations presented in this report focus on the following questions: (1) Which services are considered essential, and how does that vary in rural areas across the Nordics? (2) How are services provided, what roles and responsibilities are involved in their provision? (3) Which challenges are encountered, and what solutions are being developed to solve challenges associated with access to essential services in Nordic rural areas?
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