What impact do climate change policies have on Nordic economies, industries, and households?


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This report is the first out of four reports of the project “Ensuring inclusiveeconomic growth in the transition to a green economy (EnIGG)”. The EnIGGproject is a cross-sectoral project initiated and financed by the Nordic Council ofMinisters and coordinated by Nordregio. It aims to increase knowledge on how tostrengthen the Nordic economies in a challenging context and accelerate thegreen transition towards a climate-neutral economy while ensuring that theseprocesses are inclusive.The research for this report was conducted by researchers from VictoriaUniversity (Australia), Merit Economics (Finland) and Nordregio, withcontributions from the Centre for Regional & Tourism Research (Denmark) andReykjavik University (Iceland). The report analyses the impact of selected climatepolicy measures on Nordic economies, industries, and households.
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