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Norwegian modular shower system wins groundbreaking Nordic welfare innovation competition

09.06.16 | Uutinen
Nordic Independent Living Challenge prize award ceremony at Oslo Rådhus June 9th 2016
Nordic Innovation
After more than one year of competing, AbleOn Medical won the Nordic Independent Living Challenge. The Norwegian startup received the main prize of NOK 1 000 000 by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon at an award ceremony at Oslo City Hall 9 June.

AbleOn Medical entered the competition with their AbleOn Shower System, which is an ergonomic and modular shower system that helps elderly and others with disabilities feel safe and retain independence and dignity during their bathroom routine. The solution also helps healthcare workers and family to prevent injuries due to heavy lifting and unfortunate working positions. The shower system can easily be placed and mounted in any home.
AbleOn Shower System is currently in a prototype stage and aims to go to market in the near future.

Dignity a key word

The independent Nordic jury, consisting of Nordic experts within innovation, design and welfare, had a tough time choosing the winner among the five strong finalists. After careful consideration, they agreed that AbleOn Medical had made the best innovative solution helping elderly and disabled citizens to live independently in their own homes.
“The team behind the winning solution has dedicated themselves to tackle a big challenge for many people – and at the same time turned their efforts into a new innovative business opportunity. The solution is tackling a challenge that will most likely affect most of us at some stage in life. It will truly prolong people’s possibility to live longer in their own home”, said the jury in a statement.
In addition to the main prize, His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon also handed out prizes to the best cross-Nordic collaboration team and the best student team.
The cross-Nordic collaboration prize of NOK 200 000 went to AssiStep, a walker in the stairs, giving people with mobility issues extra support.
The student prize of NOK 100 000 went to Siren Smart Sock, a temperature-sensing sock for preventing diabetic foot ulcers.

Competition background

The five Nordic capital cities have broken new ground to engage new innovators to develop solutions to meet the challenges of an ageing population and increase in chronic and lifestyle diseases. Together with Nordic Innovation, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ institution to promote innovation and sustainable growth in the Nordic region, they launched the Nordic Independent Living Challenge in February 2015.
The aim was to develop innovations that help elderly and disabled citizens to live independently in their own homes, increase their quality of life and give business opportunities to Nordic companies.
The innovation competition initially attracted 415 applications. After a matchmaking meeting where the 75 best ideas were invited, 25 semi-finalists were chosen to go through a business development support stage. In December 2015, five finalists were chosen to test their solutions in the capital cities during spring 2016.
“Congratulations to all the winners, who have done impressive work. We are very happy that about the result of the collaboration with the five Nordic capitals, and look forward to see many of the solutions developed through this competition on the market”, says managing director of Nordic Innovation”, Carina Christensen.