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The pandemic and digitalization: A game changer – Post-COVID work and life

23.03.22 | Tapahtuma
Mads Claus Rasmussen, Ritzau/Scanpix
Four out of ten Nordic jobs could potentially be done from home if the broadband is good enough. The new report State of the Nordic Region 2022, which will be launched on Nordic Day - 23 March - highlights the industries and regions at the forefront of this rapid development.

The event is both in person and livestreamed.


12:00 - 12:45

Nordic Culture Point
Kajsaniemiemenkatu 9


Live from 12.00 am (CET), the 23 of March

Digitalisation has laid the foundations for a long-term shift towards remote working in the knowledge-based sectors. The option of working remotely has also resulted in more people spending time in their second homes, many of which are in rural areas. These developments have the potential to revitalise Nordic rural areas, but such a transformation is largely dependent on improved digital and broadband infrastructures, which are essential for remote work and encouraging businesses to launch or remain in these areas.    

Policymakers must harness the strength of the Nordic IT sector to aid and assist industries and businesses in the digitalisation of internal working processes. What are the next steps if we are to become the most competitive region in the world?

Keynote speakers

  • Erkki Tuomioja, President of the Nordic Council
  • Linda Randall, Senior Research Advisor and co-author, Nordregio
  • Thomas Blomqvist, Finnish Minister for Nordic Co-operation


  • Torbjörn Sandell, Development Manager, Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • Annika Lyytikäinen, Co-leader for Nordic Youth Council
  • Linda Randall, Senior Research Advisor and co-author, Nordregio

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