2022 Nordic Council Music Prize: Meet the nominees at G Livelab

01.11.22 | Event
Möt de nominerade till Nordiska rådets musikpris 2022
An event with the nominees for the Nordic Council Music Prize will take place in one of Helsinki’s most popular venues for music – G Livelab.


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

G Livelab
Yrjönkatu 3
00120 Helsingfors


Twelve works have been nominated for the 2022 Nordic Council Music Prize for their high artistic standard. These include albums with electronic music, folk and art music, as well as new concepts such as a flute nonet and a kinetic opera, which have all been produced by composers from the Nordic countries.

Come and listen to the composers’ own stories behind the music, which generally relate to the future of humanity, including emotionally charged themes such as melancholy, happiness and diversity. The programme format revolves around the composers’ musical contributions followed by panel discussions. The composers will reflect on what it’s like to create music as a comment or reaction to the world situation today in terms of climate change, war and desperation. How do you apply history to reflect the present through music? How do you write music as self-therapy and to create hope?

Moderator: Matti Nives / Radio Helsinki