Child support in Greenland

Father and daughter in Nuuk
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Here you can read about the rules in Greenland for paying and receiving child support.

As a rule, parents are obliged to support their child until the child turns 18. If the parents do not live together, and they cannot agree on the support, they can consult the municipality. The same applies if the parent liable for child support is unable to pay.

What is child support?

Child support is a monthly allowance for the child’s maintenance, paid to the parent who has the child living with them – or where the child lives most of the time. Child support is paid until the child is 18 years of age. In exceptional cases, the scheme may continue while the child is in education until the age of 24.

As a rule, the parents must themselves agree on the amount of the contribution, and how it is to be paid. If the contributing parent does not pay the child support as agreed, the other parent can request the municipality to pay the child support and then recover the money from the contributing parent. This is called maintenance, and it is paid to ensure that the child remains supported.

The amount of the child support is determined on the basis of the income of the contributing parent. However, it cannot be lower than the normal contribution. The size of the normal contribution to child support depends on whether the child lives in Greenland or Denmark.

Child benefit for those living with the child

In order to apply for maintenance payments in Greenland, the following conditions must be met:

  • The child must live in Greenland
  • The child (or the parent who receives the payment) must have Danish nationality or be covered by the Nordic Convention on Social Security
  • The child must not be in receipt of public assistance
  • The child must not be in care with a view to adoption
  • The child’s parents must not be living together
  • The contributing parent has not paid his or her contribution

An application for maintenance payments from the municipality will depend on your social situation.

If you are divorced, the maintenance payment will be determined at the time of divorce.

If you are married but are now living separately without a divorce, you must fill in an application form from the High Commissioner. If you live in Nuuk, you must send or hand in the completed application and the necessary documents to the Office of the High Commissioner. If you live outside Nuuk, you must hand it in to the police.

If you have neither been married nor living together, you must apply to the Circuit Court.

Child support in special situations

In exceptional cases, an additional lump sum may be applied for for the child. This could be in connection with the child’s birth, baptism, confirmation or other important events.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions, contact your local municipal office.

If you wish to appeal a decision relating to maintenance, contact the Social Security Appeals Board.

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