Civil registration in the Faroe Islands

Folkeregistrering på Færøerne
In this section you can read about notifying relocations and civil registration in the Faroe Islands

Where and when should I report my relocation to the Faroe Islands?

As a citizen of a Nordic country, you only need to report a move to the Faroe Islands if you will be staying here for more than six months.

If you will be staying in the Faroe Islands for longer than six months, then you must notify your municipality of residence no later than five days after arrival. Bring your passport to the municipality office when you are notifying your relocation.

If you have come here with your family, you can report their move at the same time.

If are going to be working in the Faroe Islands for longer than 180 days, you must have a ‘P-number’. You can contact Landsfólkayvirlitið in order to obtain a P-number.

Persons moving to the Faroe Islands from non-Nordic countries

You must report your relocation to the municipality to which you are moving. If you are not a Nordic citizen, you must have a residence permit in accordance with the Aliens Act, or have proof from the authorities that you are exempt from the requirement to have a residence permit. For more information, see the webpage of the Immigration Office.

Where should I notify my relocation when I move from the Faroe Islands?

The relocation must be notified to the municipality to which you are moving. If you are moving to another Nordic country, you must register as relocated from the Faroe Islands, if your new municipality requires that you be registered with them.

You must be registered in the new municipality in the new Nordic country before your former Faroese municipality can register you as having moved away.

If you move to a country outside the Nordic region for a period shorter than six months, you can remain registered in the Faroe Islands. If your stay abroad lasts longer than six months, you must notify your former Faroese municipality.

Relocation in the Faroe Islands

When you relocate internally in the Faroe Islands, and/or internally within a municipality, you must notify the municipality to which you are moving within five days of the move. The relocation notification can also include the rest of the household.

If you wish to know more about civil registration, you can call Landsfólkayvirlit at tel. + 298 358050, Mon-Friday, from 10:00-12.00, or send an e-mail to:


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