Civil registration number in the Faroe Islands (P-number)

Personnummer  på Færøerne (P-tal)
Here you can read about how you to get a civil registration number, which in the Faroe Islands is called a P-number.

If you are going to be working in the Faroe Islands for more than 180 days, you must have a P-number.   

To obtain a P-number, contact the municipality in which you live. 

Six of the municipalities can register your P-number directly in the national register. These are: Tórshavnar Municipality, Klaksvíkar Municipality, Runavíkar Municipality, Eystur Municipality, Sjóvar Municipality and Sunda Municipality.

If you move to a municipality other than those listed above, you must also contact the municipality directly, where you fill in a form that the municipality will then forward to the National Register (landsfólkayvirlitið), so that you can obtain a P-number.

If you have previously lived in the Faroe Islands after the P-number system was introduced in 1982, you will already have a P-number, which will be activated when you notify the municipality of your relocation.

If you will be working in the Faroe Islands for less than 180 days, and choose not to change your registered address, then you must have a so-called pseudo P-number, i.e. a provisional P-number. You must ask your employer for this pseudo-number. The employer will then contact the tax authorities to have a pseudo P-number issued.

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