Customs regulations in the Faroe Islands

Toldregler på Færøerne
Here you can find information on customs regulations in the Faroe Islands.

If you come to the Faroe Islands from abroad, there are limits on the amounts of duty-free spirits, cigarettes, perfume, etc., you can bring into the country. On the website of the Faroese tax authority, TAKS, you can find a list of how much of these goods you can bring with you.

All furniture and household effects brought into the Faroe Islands in connection with relocation, and which are less than six months old, are subject to duty.

Ordinary items, clothes, etc. are not subject to customs duties.

It is illegal to bring tobacco, spirits or foodstuffs into the country as items moved in connection with a relocation.

If you are bringing furniture and household effects into the the Faroe Islands due to a relocation, you must fill out a relocation certificate, which you will find on the TAKS website.

You must submit a packing list to the customs authorities of the contents of the luggage, containers, etc., and a certificate of relocation from the municipality to which you are moving.


You may bring smooth-bore shotguns, air rifles and air guns to the Faroe Islands without special permission. No other weapons may normally be brought into the country.  

However, you may apply to the Faroe Islands police for an exemption to bring in other weapons.

Contact TAKS (the Faroese tax authority) for more information. 

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