Customs regulations in Sweden

Toldregler i Sverige
Read about the customs regulations that apply when you take removal goods and other items with you to Sweden.

If you are moving from Denmark or Finland to Sweden, you do not need to declare your personal belongings, as there are no customs duties between EU member countries.

If you are moving from Iceland or Norway, you may be granted relief from customs duties for your personal belongings, so you may not need to pay customs duties and VAT on import. This depends on whether you are migrating or returning to Sweden.

Personal belongings are everything kept in a home, such as household effects, linen, furniture, bicycles, vehicles and pets. You are eligible for relief from customs duties if you and your family have used the goods for personal purposes or had them in the household.


Contact the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) for registration of vehicles that are part of your removal goods.

Apply for permission to bring in belongings that are subject to special import regulations

If you are bringing animals, firearms, medicines, food, alcohol or tobacco when you travel to Sweden from the other Nordic countries, you must always apply for permission, as these types of belongings are subject to special import regulations.


Different regulations apply for bringing animals into Sweden, depending on where the animal comes from and whether it is a pet or some other type of animal.


You must always apply for permission to bring firearms and dangerous articles into Sweden.


You may bring medicines into Sweden without permission, but only if they are intended for medical use and for your personal use. This also applies for medicine that is prescribed by a veterinary surgeon for animals that you have with you when you enter Sweden. If you are travelling to Sweden from another Nordic country, you may bring in a supply of medicines for a maximum of one year.


In principle, food may be brought into Sweden from Denmark and Finland without restriction. However, the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket) directive on unrestricted import of food to Sweden may be changed in the event of an infection risk.

You may bring meat and dairy products into Sweden from Iceland and Norway, but there is a limit for the value of such products for free import. This limit applies for all goods you have purchased on the journey, excluding alcoholic and tobacco goods.


You must be at least 20 years of age to bring alcohol into Sweden.


You must be at least 18 years of age to bring tobacco into Sweden.


As a private individual, you may bring most plants into Sweden. However, certain plants require a permit or a certificate, and transport of some plants is completely forbidden. The EU countries have a common plant protection directive, and Sweden’s regulations are largely identical to those of the EU.

Taking cultural goods out of Sweden

You may need a permit to take certain cultural goods out of Sweden.

Online purchases

When you purchase goods online, regulations vary depending on what you order and which country the items come from.

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