Customs regulations in Sweden

Toldregler i Sverige
Read about the customs regulations that apply when you take removal goods and other items with you to Sweden.

There are different regulations about what you may import free of customs duties, depending on whether you are moving to Sweden from an EU country or a country that is not in the EU.

Customs regulations when you move to Sweden from an EU country

If you are moving from Denmark or Finland to Sweden, you do not need to pay duty on your personal belongings, as there are no customs duties between EU member countries. Nor do you need to submit an import declaration.

If you are bringing a car or other vehicle when you move to Sweden, you must register the vehicle with the Swedish Transport Agency, and you must also notify the agency if you move from Sweden.

Customs regulations when you move to Sweden from a country outside the EU

If you are moving from a country outside the EU, such as Iceland or Norway, you may be granted exemption from customs duties for your personal belongings, so you do not need to pay customs duties and VAT on import. Personal belongings are everything kept in a home, such as household effects, linen, furniture, bicycles, vehicles and pets. You are eligible for exemption from customs duties if you and your family have used the goods for personal purposes or had them in the household.

Åland is outside the EU’s fiscal territory, and is therefore exempt from EU tax regulations. When you move between Sweden and Åland, the same regulations apply as when you move between Sweden and a country outside the EU.

When you move to Sweden from a country outside the EU, and want customs exemption for your personal property (flyttsakstullfrihet) or freedom from customs and VAT, you must be intending to live in Sweden for at least one year.

The regulations vary, depending on whether you are moving to Sweden, returning to Sweden, or if you are moving because of marriage or to study. You can read all the regulations on the webside of the Swedish Customs.

Swedish Customs regulations when you shop online or buy goods abroad

When you buy goods online from another country, the applicable regulations vary, depending on what you order and from which country the goods are coming. On the Swedish Customs website, you can find information about online shopping in and outside the EU.

When you buy goods in another country, the applicable rules vary depending on what you have bought and the country from which you are travelling. You may have to report your goods to the Swedish Customs or pay duties. Swedish Customs can check that you have nothing illegal with you.

Special import provisions in Sweden

If you are bringing animals, firearms, medicines, food, alcohol or tobacco when you travel to Sweden from abroad, you must always apply for permission, as these types of property are subject to special import provisions.

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