Driving licences in Norway

Førerkort i Norge
Here you can read about how to take a driving test and renew a driving licence in Norway, and about using a Norwegian driving licence abroad.

What types of driving licence are there in Norway?

The international standards for driving licence classes apply in Norway. The classes have different age requirements. There are various driving licence models that are valid, but you should have one of the newest models (EEA plastic driving licence) if you are planning to drive abroad.

    Using a foreign driving licence in Norway

    If you have a driving licence issued in another EU/EEA country, it is valid for driving in Norway providing the licence is still valid in the country in which it was issued. If you live permanently in Norway, you can use your driving licence for driving in Norway or exchange it for a Norwegian driving licence. 

    Commuters from other Nordic countries may use their driving licences from their home countries if the licence is valid there. If you must renew a driving licence, this must done in the country in which you permanently reside.  

    Validity and renewal of driving licence

    Since 2013, a new driving licence has been valid for 15 years, providing there are no health-related reasons that limit this. Driving licences for heavier vehicle classes are generally valid for 5 years. If you have a driving licence from an old system, this may be renewed. Different dates apply. If you want to renew your driving licence, you visit one of the offices of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to get a new one issued. 

    Regardless of your age, a doctor is obligated to notify the County Governor if they feel you do not satisfy the health requirements for a driving licence.

    Using a Norwegian driving licence abroad

    If you are planning to drive in another country, you are recommended to use an EEA plastic driving licence. This can help you avoid misunderstandings with foreign public agencies, banks, car rental firms, etc. These small driving licences are also more easily accepted as proof of identity in different situations.

    If you are planning to drive a car in a country outside the EU/EEA, many countries accept the EEA model, so you do not need to take an international driving licence as well. Before travelling, you should contact the authorities in the country in question, or the country’s embassy in Norway, to ask about the regulations that apply.

    How do I take a driving test in Norway?

    You can apply for a driving licence electronically on the website of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. If you are to become a professional driver, in addition to a driving licence you must also complete special professional driver training.

    To get a driving licence, you must

    • have been living in Norway for at least 6 months
    • satisfy the age requirement
    • submit an application for a driving licence
    • satisfy health requirements and have documented good conduct (issued by the police) the first time you apply for a driving licence.

    All the compulsory training that is necessary to apply for a driving licence must be taken through an approved driving school (trafikkskole/kjøreskole).

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