Faroese benefits to survivors in the event of death

Færøske ydelser til efterlevende ved dødsfald

Here you can read about the Faroese rules for benefits to survivors in the case of death, and about assistance with funeral expenses


Are you entitled to benefits if your spouse or partner dies?

If both you and your spouse/partner are in receipt of old age pension or sickness compensation, and one of you dies, you can receive your spouse/partner’s pension and any needs-tested supplements to your joint living expenses for a period of three months from the end of the month of the death.

Widows and widowers who are providing for children under the age of 18 are awarded the medium-sized sickness compensation. Almannaverkið (Faroe Islands Social Services) sends a letter to the widow/widower offering guidance on how to apply. These applications are usually processed quite quickly.


Are you entitled to benefits if your parents or guardians die?

Children can receive child support if one or both parents die. Double support is provided if both parents have died.


Who should I contact, if I have questions?

If you have any questions about widow’s/widower’s pension, child support in the event of death, etc., you can contact the Faroese social services, Almannaverkið.

Assistance with funeral expenses

You can apply for funeral assistance for persons covered by Section 1 of Heilsutrygdarlógini (the Health Insurance Act), i.e. persons with registered abode in the Faroe Islands.

Funeral assistance is provided to help to cover the cost of coffins and shrouds.

The expenses must be documented with receipts, and the amount will vary according to the age of the deceased:

  • Up to DKK 5,000 for persons aged over 25
  • Up to DKK 4,250 for children aged 9 to 15
  • Up to DKK 3,000 for children aged 1 to 8
  • Up to DKK 2,000 for children under 1 year of age.

For more information, contact the Faroese National Health Insurance Heilsutrygd.

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