Financial support for free child care in the Faroe Islands

Finansiel støtte til friplads i Færøerne
Here you can read about your rights to financial support for a free place for your child in one of the children’s institutions in the Faroe Islands.

Parents on low incomes may be entitled to financial support for free places in nurseries, kindergartens and after-school clubs for children. If you wish to apply for a free place, contact your local municipality for an application form.


How much support can I receive?

The support provided is income-regulated.  This means that the higher the household’s income is, the less the support, until it eventually ceases completely.

Parents who can prove that the household's income is lower than the income limits set each year by the Social Administration (Almannaverkið) may receive a full or partial free place for their child at the municipal institutions.

If you live together as parents and the child lives with you, it will be your total income that determines whether financial support is provided.

If you live alone with the child, it will be your own income that is decisive. If you live with someone who is not the child’s parent, the sum of your two incomes will determine the support.


Where can I get an application form?

An application form for a free place is available from the municipality, and must be sent to the municipality where the child resides.

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