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Read about the official Nordic co-operation.

The official Nordic co-operation is a comprehensive political co-operation between the five Nordic nations plus the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland.

The co-operation is the basis for an open labour market which for more than 60 years has made it possible for Nordic citizens to work anywhere in the Nordic region.

The co-operation prioritises opportunities for children and young people, and supports, for example, young people in higher education throughout the Nordic region.

The Nordic region is one of the most equal regions in the world. Equal opportunities in the labour market have contributed to the economic success of the region. The proportion of Nordic women with paid work is one of the highest in the world, while Nordic men hold a world record in taking parental leave.

Through its co-operation, the Nordic region stimulates interest in Nordic architecture, film, food, fashion and music in the rest of the world.

The Nordic countries also co-operate extensively with a number of international organisations and neighbouring countries, including to combat human trafficking and protect the environment in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic.

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