Pensions in Åland

Pension på Åland
Here you can read about pensions in Åland/Finland as well as about pensions from abroad, pensions from Sweden, and taxation of pensions from Nordic countries.

The Finnish pension system applies in Åland. The Government of Åland has its own pension system for its employees which follows the Finnish legislation.

What happens to my pension if I move to Åland and start working there after working in Sweden previously?

After receiving your Finnish personal identity code, you should register with the Social Security Institution (Kela/FPA) in Mariehamn, Nygatan 7, and fill in form Y77. On the basis of that you are registered as insured in Finland/Åland and you get a Kela card. This is very important when the time comes for your pension. You will receive a pension from Sweden for the work you have done there at the same time as receiving a pension from Åland (Finland). When that time comes, however, you must file an application for this, stating the time you worked in Finland and in Åland.

Do you live in Åland and get a pension from another Nordic country?

These two links apply to you if you live in Åland (Finland) and get a pension from another Nordic country or if you live in another Nordic country (Åland) and get a pension from Sweden. This has to do with taxation of your pension income.

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