Guide: Moving to Åland

Flytta till Åland
Yadid Levy
Here you can read about what to bear in mind if you are moving to Åland and what preparations you should make before and after moving to Åland.

If you move to Åland, you need to inform various authorities of your move. Moving can also affect things like social benefits and taxation etc.  

Work and residence permits in Åland

If you are a citizen of a Nordic country, you can move to Åland to live and work there without needing a visa, work permit or residence permit. You can read about who needs a work or residence permit to move to Åland and how to register on the page Work and residence permits in Åland.

Population registration and personal numbers in Åland

In Åland it is the State Department of Åland that is responsible for notifications of move and population registration as well as personal identity codes (personal numbers). You need to visit them in person with a valid ID document.

Travelling and taking removal goods to Åland

Read about the customs rules that apply if you move to Åland and the routes you can travel by when you move.

Bringing pets to Åland

Read about what to do if you take pets with you, e.g. a dog or cat, when you move to Åland.

Cars and driving licences in Åland

Read here about what rules apply if you take you bring a car with you when you move to Åland. There is a car tax, the car has to be re-registered etc., but if you have a driving licence issued in another Nordic country, it is also valid in Åland.

Housing in Åland

Read here about how to find a home in Åland, buying a home, about apartments in housing companies, right-of-occupancy housing, rental housing, the housing waiting list, and about housing allowance in Åland and average rents in Åland etc.

Redirecting mail

Contact the post office in the country you are moving from if you want to have your mail redirected to your new address in Åland.

Social security and healthcare and family benefits in Åland

Being insured in a country means having the right to social security benefits in that country. Read here about social security in Åland and if you move from Sweden to Åland. Also read about healthcare services and family benefits in Åland.

Trade unions and unemployment funds

It is important to check the situation with your unemployment fund before you move. Contact your unemployment fund for information about what to do. Here you can read about trade unions and unemployment funds in Åland and who to contact locally in Åland. 

Taxation in Åland

If you move to Åland to Åland, you need to apply for a tax card from the tax office in Åland. Remember that you are liable for tax in both countries during the year. Also notify your address to the tax administration in your home country and your employer. Also read about what rules apply if you live in one Nordic country and work in another on the page Tax in Åland.

Pensions in Åland

Here you can find information about taxation of Finnish and foreign pensioners.

Opening a bank account, mobile phone and internet contracts, electricity contracts etc.

Read here about opening a bank account, insurance services in Åland, mobile phone and internet contacts, electricity contracts and about the media fee in Åland.

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