Pregnancy and childbirth in Denmark

Graviditet og fødsel i Danmark
If you become pregnant, you should contact your doctor. A basic package of examinations and consultations is available for pregnant women, but the process will naturally depend on your specific needs.

Contact your doctor

If you become pregnant, contact your GP – the doctor stated on your health card.

Your doctor will make the initial examinations and set up a maternity record that will accompany you throughout your pregnancy.

Maternity record

The maternity record will be completed at all consultations with your doctor, midwife/obstetric department and ultrasound department.

In connection with your first medical examination, your doctor will also discuss with you the proposed place of birth on the basis of a health assessment and the wishes of you and your partner.

Services available during pregnancy

The Danish Health Authority recommends the following basic services for a healthy woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy:

  • 3 consultations with your GP
  • 2 ultrasound examinations
  • 4-7 midwife consultations
  • Possible pregnancy visit by a health visitor

The individual process for the pregnant woman will naturally depend on her specific needs.

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