Private insurance cover in Sweden

Private forsikringer i Sverige
See what insurance cover you should have in Sweden, and how to compare private insurance policies.

Common insurance types

There is always a risk that you can lose things in an accident, or that you or someone else becomes injured. Many people therefore take out insurance cover to give themselves basic security in everyday life.

Insurance premiums vary depending on the type of insurance you need and how much the insurance is to cover. You should decide what risks you are prepared to take, and compare the cost of the insurance premium with the costs you are at risk of incurring if your property gets lost or damaged.

The following is a brief overview of different types of insurance in Sweden.

Find an insurance company

You may choose the country in which you want to buy your private insurances, as insurance companies may sell their products in other countries. They do this either by establishing themselves in the country or by offering cross-border services. This applies to private insurance types such as car insurance, home insurance and life insurance.

You should consider what you and your family need in terms of insurance cover, and then contact several different insurance companies.

On the website of The Swedish Consumers' Insurance Bureau, you can get help if you have any questions.


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