Recognition of foreign qualifications in Sweden

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Read about getting your educational qualifications recognised in Sweden.

Sweden recognises educational qualifications from the other Nordic countries. If you have an educational qualification from another Nordic country, you can get it recognised when you apply for an educational programme, want to continue your studies, or want to credit your periods of study from your home country in Sweden.

If you have an upper secondary qualification in another Nordic country, you can apply for a higher education programme in Sweden on the same terms as students with a diploma from a Swedish upper secondary programme.

If you have previously completed courses at higher education level in another Nordic country, you can apply for one or more subjects to be credited as part of a new educational programme in Sweden.

If you have a foreign educational qualification and want to study in Sweden, contact the university or university college where you want to study. The educational institution can give you information about educational programmes and how to apply.

Recognition of vocational qualifications

Work in another country with a diploma from Sweden

Higher vocational education programmes of at least one year result in a Higher Vocational Educational Diploma (Yrkeshögskoleexamen). Programmes of at least two years result in an Advanced Higher Vocational Educational Diploma (Kvalificerad yrkeshögskoleexamen). This is a nationally approved and quality-assured diploma, recognised by most companies.

You should find out whether the Swedish education is recognised in your home country if you are planning to work there when you have completed your educational programme in Sweden.

To find out whether an educational programme is recognised in your home country, contact the relevant agency:

You can also contact a  EURES adviser  for more information.

If you want to study or work in the EU, you can get a Europass supplement to your higher vocational education diploma. The Europass comprises several documents that will make it easier for you as a student or an employee to show your skills and competencies throughout Europe. With a Europass you can apply for jobs with your higher vocational education diploma throughout Europe.

You can find  more information about the Europass on the website of Higher Vocational Education (Yrkeshögskolan).

Recognition of vocational qualifications in Sweden

If you want to work in another Nordic country than the one in which you took your vocational educational diploma, you may have to get your vocational qualifications (education and vocational experience) recognised before you can work in the country.

You must have your vocational qualifications officially recognised if your profession is regulated by law in the new country.

You should always check with the agencies in the country in which you want to work whether your profession is regulated by law or not.

Some professions are regulated by law in Sweden. This means you need authorisation to work in Sweden.

The agencies may ask you for validated copies to prove the authenticity of the relevant documents and authorised translations of documents, such as diploma certificates.

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