The right to healthcare services in the Faroe Islands

Ret til sundhedsydelser på Færøerne
Here you can read about what healthcare services you are entitled to in the Faroe Islands

All persons resident in the Faroe Islands have the right to healthcare services, in accordance with the applicable Health Insurance Act. Persons over the age of 18 who are covered by the legislation pay DKK 175 per month, in addition to 0.60% of their taxable income, to the Faroese public health insurance, Heilsutrygd.


These healthcare services include free medical treatment and subsidies for dental care, physiotherapy, medications, etc.


Persons who are resident abroad for educational purposes or in connection with social work, but who before relocating have been resident for at least five years in the Faroe Islands have a right to healthcare in the Faroe Islands in accordance with Executive Order no. 135 of 17 December 2012, as most recently amended by Executive Order no. 25 of 4 April 2016. This provision also applies to persons from Greenland and Denmark who are staying temporarily in the Faroe Islands.


A Faroese person resident in the Faroe Islands has the right to free medical assistance in Denmark in accordance with Executive Order no. 565 of 29 April 2015.


In the other Nordic countries, a Faroese person has the right to free medical assistance in accordance with the Nordic Convention on Social Security, just as a Nordic citizen travelling in the Faroe Islands is entitled to this assistance. 


Faroese health insurance otherwise applies only in the Faroe Islands, so persons travelling to other countries are advised to take out travel insurance that covers sickness.


For more information on health services in the Faroe Islands, contact the Faroese health insurance, Heilsutrygd.

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