Student grants in the Faroe Islands

Uddannelsesstøtte på Færøerne
Here you can read about state education grants in the Faroe Islands, and where to find more information.

For citizens of Nordic countries, education is as a rule provided free of charge. This applies both in the home country and in other Nordic countries. Student grants are usually provided by the student’s home country.

Can I receive a student grant from the Faroe Islands?

You are eligible for a student grant from the Faroe Islands if you live in the Faroe Islands, have Danish citizenship and study full time. The study programme must also be approved for student grants.

As citizens of the Danish Commonwealth, Danes and Greenlanders have the same rights to student grants as Faroe Islanders.

As a foreign citizen, you are eligible for a student grant from the Faroe Islands if you are legally resident in the Faroe Islands, are studying full-time, and are not eligible for a student grant from your home country, and in addition:

  • You have either had permanent residence in the Faroe Islands with your parents before you turned 20, or
  • You have had permanent residence in the Faroe Islands after you turned 20 for at least two consecutive years before you started your education.

A third possibility for being eligible for a student grant from the Faroe Islands is if you have a permanent residence in the Faroe Islands and have been married to a Danish citizen for at least two years.

Should I intend to remain in the Faroe Islands in order to receive a student grant?

No, this is not a requirement.

Can I get a discount on transport as a student?

The main rule is that you must be in receipt of a Faroese student grant in order to be eligible for a discount on transport in the Faroe Islands, but the Faroese educational grant agency (Studni) may grant exemptions for exchange students. In that case, you should contact Studni or the public transport system (SSL) and ask for a discount certificate. 

Must I have worked before I can receive a student grant?

In some Nordic countries, you must have worked in the country before you can be awarded a student grant. However, this does not apply in the Faroe Islands. It is not therefore a requirement that you have had work before you can apply for a student grant.

More information is available from Studni, which administers the Faroese student grants.

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