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Here you will find information on bringing cars, vans and motorcycles into Finland, having them inspected and registered when they are imported and on using winter and summer tyres in Finland.

Are you coming to Finland with a vehicle on holiday, to stay in the country temporarily or to live here permanently? The answer to this question will affect whether you have to have the vehicle inspected and registered and whether tax is payable on the vehicle in Finland. There are separate rules for registration in Åland, which can be found in the section Bringing vehicles to Åland. You will find information on driving licences on the page Driving licences in Finland.

Vehicles on holiday trips

Vehicle tax does not have to be paid for temporary use of a vehicle, such as holiday travel, and short stays. The vehicle must have valid motor insurance in the country of registration. Find out more on the Finnish Tax Administration website

Vehicles temporarily in Finland

Citizens of other Nordic countries staying in Finland for less than 12 months can use a vehicle registered in another Nordic country in Finland as a tourist vehicle for a maximum of six months, but an extension to the time limit can be applied for. You can get more information on situations other than tourist use from the Finnish Tax Administration.

In some situations persons living permanently in Finland are entitled to use a vehicle registered abroad temporarily without paying tax. You can get more details from the Finnish Tax Administration.

Vehicle as removal goods

For a vehicle to be used in Finland without interruption from the day of moving, a declaration of use must be submitted to the Finnish Tax Administration on arrival in the country. For a vehicle that is to be registered in Finland, the declaration of use can be filed electronically.

Read more detailed instructions on the Finnish Tax Administration and Finnish Customs websites.

Car tax

After importing a vehicle, a separate car tax declaration must be submitted to the Finnish Tax Administration within five days of confirmation of the declaration of use. Find out more on car tax on the Finnish Tax Administration website

Vehicle inspection and registration

Before registration, a vehicle being imported must be taken for registration inspection at a vehicle inspection station that does first-time inspections. At the registration inspection, the original registration certificate of the imported vehicle must be produced, stating the vehicle’s commissioning or first-time registration date. After registration you will receive the registration certificate and Finnish registration plates.

You can find more information on vehicle registration inspections, the vehicle inspection stations that do them, and on registration from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency.

After registration you will be given the registration certificate and Finnish registration plates. Remember to take proof of identity with you when the vehicle is registered.

More information on vehicle registration is available from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency.

Summer and winter tyres in Finland

If required by the weather or road surface conditions, winter tyres must be used in November, December, January, February and March. During the required time period, the minimum tread depth of the main tread grooves of winter tyres must be at least 3 millimetres. Winter tyres can either be studded or unstudded.

Studded tyres may also be used at other times if required by the weather or road surface conditions. Find out more on the Finnish Road Safety Council website.

Vehicles for persons with disabilities

Persons with disabilities can get relief on vehicle tax and many other subsidies and discounts to facilitate their mobility. Find out more on the page Information for people with disabilities in Finland.

Using a vehicle registered in Finland in another Nordic country

A vehicle registered in Finland does not have to be registered in another Nordic country if you are only staying in the country for a short time. The time that a vehicle registered in another country can be used for varies by country. Go to the links below to find out more about the rules in the country concerned.

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