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This section is about bringing passenger cars, vans and motorcycles to Åland. Here you will find answers to questions about where and how a vehicle has to be inspected and registered and whether it has to be brought in at the time when you move. The section also deals with taxation on imports of vehicles.

Are you coming to Åland with a vehicle on holiday, for a temporary stay or to take up permanent residence in the country? The answer to these questions affects whether you have to inspect, register and pay tax on the vehicle in Åland.

On holiday trips and other situations where the vehicle is used in Åland temporarily, no registration is required and you do not have to pay tax if you meet certain conditions.

If you move to Åland permanently, the vehicle has to be re-registered no later than 30 days after you move. If you move temporarily you should contact customs in Mariehamn within 6 months of your move to extend the vehicle’s authorisation. You can find more on Vehicles on holiday trips, vehicles used temporarily in Åland and vehicles as removal goods on the page Vehicles in Finland.

Car taxes and excise duties have been transferred from Finnish Customs to the Tax Administration. Importation of a vehicle that is going to be registered must, however, always be notified to Mariehamn Customs Office in the port on arrival in Åland.

Inspection and registration

After a vehicle has been imported to Åland, an entry into service notification and tax notification have been made and the car has been authorised for registration, the vehicle can be inspected and registered. You must have the following documents to register your vehicle:

  • Valid road traffic insurance
  • Certificate of registration inspection
  • Registration certificate from the last foreign owner
  • Purchase document

Vehicles that are imported must undergo a registration inspection or be approved separately at an inspection station. At the same time checks are made that the vehicle meets all the requirements based on the documents submitted for the vehicle. At the same time checks are made that the vehicle meets all the requirements based on the documents submitted for the vehicle.

Following the registration inspection or separate approval, the car can be registered. After registration you will get a registration certificate and Åland registration plates. Be prepared to confirm your identity when you register your vehicle.

You can get more information on car registration in Åland from the Motor Vehicle Office.

Contact the authority

If you have questions about importation of a vehicle as removal goods to Finland/Åland, you can contact the Tax Administration on this page

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