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Here you can read about the regulations for receiving work assessment allowance (arbeidsavklaringspenger, AAP), the Norwegian form of rehabilitation benefit.

If you, because of illness or injury, are outside working life, but are trying to return to work, you may in certain cases be granted work assessment allowance (AAP) to compensate for loss of income. It is the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) that is responsible for this benefit in Norway.  

What is work assessment allowance?

AAP is a benefit that may be granted while you are trying to get back into the labour market, and you must be actively contributing to the process. If you receive AAP, you must attend scheduled meetings with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), draw up and follow an activity plan for getting back to work, submit the information and documentation that NAV requires, and complete the activities that you have planned together with a NAV advisor.  

Are you entitled to work assessment allowance?

In order to receive AAP, you must have been a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme. Your work capability must be reduced by at least 50%. Illness, injury or defect must be contributory reasons to why you cannot work.

To apply for AAP, you must be registered at NAV ( as a jobseeker. You apply for AAP electronically. You must submit some information and documents with your application. Contact NAV by telephone if you require guidance. If your work capability is reduced by 50 percent or more, you can apply at any time. The earliest you can receive AAP is from the date on which you apply.

If you are granted AAP, you may only receive it for a maximum of three years. The general rule is that you must be resident in Norway if you receive AAP.

You may also move to another Nordic country, or EEA country, and apply to keep AAP. In such cases, there is a requirement that you complete your employment scheme and/or treatment in the country to which you move. You must check with NAV that you can take AAP with you before you move.

To receive AAP, one condition is that you actively contribute in the process for returning to work. This is called the duty to act (aktivitetsplikt). You must complete activities for returning to work, such as employment schemes.

There are also other measures and schemes aimed at getting people back to work.

What applies if you have recently moved to Norway and are undergoing rehabilitation in the country from which you moved?

If you receive an allowance from your home country, you can apply to retain the benefit when you move to Norway. Contact the authorities in your home country to find out if this is possible. ​

Who should you contact if you have questions?

Contact NAV if you have questions about work assessment allowance or other measures when on long-term sick leave.

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