Cookies and data protection

We use information about your visit to to improve the website and make the visitor experience as positive as possible. Here are some details about how we gather information, how we process it, who has access to your data and how to get in touch with us if you have any questions about cookies and data protection.

Use of personal details on

We do not record information that would identify you personally unless you provide it when filling in one of the forms on the site. Any personal information that you do provide will only be used for the stipulated purpose. None of the personal details you may be asked for on can be linked to any of our cookies.

Use of cookies on

We always inform visitors that we use cookies on A cookie is a small, text-based file downloaded onto your device when you visit a website. They help identify your device. Cookies are used to store information as you navigate the various pages on the site and when you return to it. They contain no personal information and cannot be used to run software or infect your device with viruses.

How we use cookies on

Cookies are used, for example, to help us improve our website and see what you did on it during previous visits. We also use them for several reasons related to functionality, web analysis and marketing. Various social media and marketing companies also upload cookies onto your devices. They tailor their marketing to suit target groups on the basis of the information they gather about your activities on, for example, social media. They can also save your IP number for statistical purposes. The information gathered on is in anonymous form and cannot be linked to your personal information such as names or e-mail addresses input on our site.

You can read more about the cookies we use in our cookie banner under the Cookie Declaration click on Show details). It contains tabs featuring information about the cookies we use on this site for functionality, statistics and marketing, including what they are called, when they expire, their purpose and the name of the company behind them.

Consent to the use of cookies

Visitors to the website are considered to have given their consent to our use of cookies if their browser preferences are set to accept them.

How to retract consent or turn off cookies

It is possible to change the preferences on your device to stop our content providers and us from downloading cookies onto it. See the help function in your browser for information about how to change cookie preferences. You can also delete all cookies from your hard disk. You also do this via your browser preferences.

If you do change these preferences, it may mean that certain features on our site will not work.

Any questions about how we use cookies and personal information on this website? Contact us at

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