Democracy festival videos 2022

Here is a selection of videos from this year’s democracy festivals.

Official Nordic co-operation has been represented at all five Nordic democracy festivals, three in the Baltic states and one elsewhere in Europe. Selected events are streamed live and then posted here for you to watch again later:


Fundur fólksins

16 september kl. 15.00 CET: Norden at Fundur fólksins: Seeds for the future - How & what do we cultivate in a changing climate?

Norden på Fundur fólksins 2022: Seeds for the future: How and what do wecultivate in a changing climate?

The climate crisis poses both threats and new possibilities for agriculture. How do we adapt cultivation to a warming climate, and are there opportunities to expand production and introduce new types of crops in high latitudes?

Norden på Fundur fólksins 2022:  Nordic climate action: Are we in this together?

Would collective Nordic climate policies make the goal of a sustainable Nordic region more attainable? And how do we ensure that the perspectives of children and youth, who will bear the brunt of climate change, are reflected in policymaking?

How can we create urban spaces that work with nature instead of against it? The seminar provides two talks on blue-green solutions in urban settings, followed by a panel discussions with representatives from Reykjavík municipality, the health sector, and a self-initiated local NGO.


Norden på Fundur fólksins 2022: The climate villain goes green: The role of the construction industry

The future of construction must be sustainable – but how will we build in the future? With what types of materials, and what is the role of architecture in the change towards sustainable construction of the future?

BÙTENT!, Lithuania

Selected events from BÚTENT! in Lithuania (2-3 September) on Facebook:

Arendal Week

Selected events during Arendal Week in Norway:

15 August at 16:00 Young people’s mental health – how can we prevent all suicide?

16 August at 10:30 70 years of the Nordic Council – Security in the Nordic Region

16 August at 14:30 Nordic education – reality or fantasy?

17 August at 13:00 The future of construction – sustainability in the driving seat

August 18 at 12.30: Sustainable financing yields results – how Norwegian businesses can contribute to the green transition

Arvamusfestival, Estonia

Video from Arvamusfestival (12-13 August):

Navigating next gen technologies for culture

SuomiAreena, Finland

Selected events during SuomiAreena in Björneborg, Finland:

12 July at 13:00 Digital - the only superpower we need in the Nordic and Baltic region?

13 July at 14:00 Crisis management and crisis preparedness in the Nordic Region

13 July at 17:00 The Nordic embrace – is it as warm as we think it is?

Almedalen Week, Sweden

Selected events during Almedalen Week in Visby, Sweden:

4 July at 16:00 Nordic crime – how do we stop gang crime across Nordic borders?

4 July at 15:00 The wave of refugees from Ukraine – what have we learned from the reception of refugees in 2015?

3 July at 17:00 Green energy for all – how will the Nordic Region achieve the green transition?


LAMPA Conversation in Letland

Video from LAMPA Conversation (1-2 July)

Nordic perspectives on enhancing labour market inclusion of the disabled people

The People’s Festival, Denmark

Selected events from the People’s Festival in Allinge, Bornholm, Denmark:

17 June at 12:45 People’s Festival 2022: Nordic educational opportunities without borders