Helsinki 11.11.2021: Finance Day

Benjamin Suomela /
No solutions without funding. On this day we will present a range of Nordic solutions and approaches to climate finance, as well as best practices and guidelines for companies seeking growth financing.

Organizer: Nefco - The Nordic Green Bank, Nordic Investment Bank, Nordea, Nordic Development Fund, DanChurchAid.

Others involved: Green by Iceland, Business Sweden, ACT church of Sweden, FinChurchAid, FELM and Norwegian Church Aid.


All events will be streamed by We Don’t Have Time and some events will be shown in the NCM channels on YouTube and Facebook.


All times are EET.

10.00 - 12.00: Demystifying the EU Taxonomy for Nordic SMEs

Organizer: Nefco - The Nordic Green Bank / Others involved: Green by Iceland, Business Sweden

What does EU taxonomy alignment mean? How can small and medium-sized companies integrate the taxonomy mindset in their operations? Understanding the EU Taxonomy will be critical for SMEs especially when seeking financing opportunities. The workshop will share best practices from green Nordic companies and practical guidelines from investors.

13.15 - 14.15: Towards a more liveable planet

JOINT EVENT (Helsinki - Glasgow)

Organizers: NIB, Nefco, NDF

How are the Nordics addressing climate change and contributing to a liveable planet? Owned by the Nordic countries, NDF, Nefco and NIB showcase impactful climate actions on a global scale. In this event we discuss the role of green financing in building sustainable and competitive economies. By invitation only, streaming available for the public.


Times are GMT+2.

14.30 - 15.15: Nordic Baltic countries sharpen their climate financing

JOINT EVENT (Helsinki - Glasgow)

Organizer: Nordic Investment Bank

The Nordic Investment Bank is the most tangible example of the Nordic and Baltic countries cooperating on climate issues through sustainable financing. Welcome to this launch event of their new Sustainability policy for the bank.


Times are GMT+2.

15.15 - 15.45: Live from Glasgow - Daily briefing

Daily briefing from the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) negotiations. Tune in!

16.00 - 17.00: The future of finance - sustainable impact

Organizer: Nordea

The world needs to build a low-carbon economy and financial institutions have a vital role in this transition, as they can reach and impact decisions across the world. This panel will shed light on how this can be done and the importance of collaboration across industries.

17.30 - 18.15: Finance Ministries engaging on climate change

JOINT EVENT (Helsinki - Glasgow)

Organizer: Danish Ministry of Finance

Experience from the Nordic countries.

18.45 - 19.30: More space for women’s leadership

JOINT EVENT (Helsinki - Glasgow)

Organizer: DanChurchAid / Others involved: ACT church of Sweden, FinChurchAid, FELM and Norwegian Church Aid

A new report about lessons from Nordic efforts to integrate gender equality in climate finance, point at both best practices, and possibilities for improvement. Learn about the results from the research and listen to the reaction from the governments.