Practical information about the 2024 Theme Session of the Nordic Council in the Faroe Islands

Here is some practical information ahead of the 2024 Theme Session of the Nordic Council in the Faroe Islands

Contacts for Løgtingið

Annika Mouritsen, mobile +298 252066,

Anna Rein, mobile +298 215055,

Johnhard Klettheyggj, mobile +298 520294,

Media contact

Henric Öhman, mobile +45 60 39 06 30,

Registration and information

Register in the lobby of Hotel Føroyar on the entrance level on Sunday 7 April, Monday 8 April, and Tuesday 9 April. 

Name badges

All participants will be given a name badge upon registration. For security reasons, this must be worn visibly throughout the Session.

The badges are coded according to the following categories: 

Member/substitute: Blue
Minister/government representative: Green
Nordic Youth Council: Yellow
Senior official/expert: Red
Guests and observers: White


Secretariat to the Nordic Council and communications department: Húsastova, entrance level 

Interpreters’ secretariat: Varðin, entrance level 

Delegation secretaries: Løgman suite, entrance level   


Coffee and refreshments are available outside the meeting rooms. 
Lunch will be served on Monday and Tuesday at Hotel Føroyar. 
A light meal will be served at OY on Sunday at 19:00 for those who have already arrived. 

On Monday at 18:30, Løgtingið and Tórshavnar municipality will host dinner in Silo in Tórshavn. 

On Tuesday, a light meal will be provided at Norðurlandahusið after the excursion. 


Send an e-mail to with information on what to print and where to deliver it. 

Wi-fi at Hotel Føroyar

Network: Temasession2024

Password: Norden2024


Information about transport from the airport


Auto +298 311234 / +298 363636 

Taxi Bil +298 323232