Even closer co-operation on business needed in the Arctic

23.01.18 | News
Træhus i landskab på Island
Yadid Levy / Norden.org
The business sector and the regions of the Arctic already work closely together across borders, but they need to step up their partnerships if companies are to develop and thrive in the region, according to a new report funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The report – Arctic Business Analysis – identifies the need to develop and promote the spirit of entrepreneurialism in the Arctic and calls for work to be done to publicise the business opportunities in the region and to showcase it as an attractive and sustainable market for investment and economic development.

“The Arctic region offers a range of interesting opportunities for entrepreneurs and companies in various sectors, including the bioeconomy and the creative and cultural industries. This report will help the Arctic take its business development to the next level,” says Dagfinn Høybråten, the Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers.


The writers envisage that individuals, companies and investors interested in setting up in the Arctic will use the report as a tool. It offers a joint platform to support existing work and promote new initiatives concerning sustainable economic development and growth in the Arctic.

The report is in four sections: entrepreneurship and innovation, public/private partnerships and business co-operation, culture and creative industries and the bioeconomy.

Arctic Business Analysis is a joint publication in English by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Arctic Economic Council. It was published at a conference in Tromsø, Norway, on 23 January 2018.