The future of New Nordic Food - special edition of "Green Growth the Nordic Way"

27.03.15 | News
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Yadid Levy
In this special edition of “Green Growth the Nordic Way” you can read interviews with a number of the pioneers who set out to create the new Nordic kitchen. You can also read the thoughts of a number of Nordic food activists on the future of New Nordic Food, as well as an outline of six workshops marking the closing of the yearlong programmes of the Nordic Council of Ministers on New Nordic Food.

The New Nordic Food phenomenon was truly a bottom up movement that started with a group of food aficionados and chefs who had a love for Nordic food and food products. They set up a manifesto underlining not only the importance of wholesome raw materials and sustainable farming methods, but also stressing the overall social responsibility of the food business.

The Nordic Council of Ministers was quick to take up the challenge and set up a programme to support this new culinary movement with a broad range of activities, focusing on everything from street food to Michelin restaurants, and from children’s food to public procurement of food for the elderly.

In "The future of New Nordic Food" - a special edition of "Green Growth the Nordic Way" you can read about all this and much more - please go to for an inspiring read on the potential of the Nordic kitchen.