Help Nordic children return from forced marriages

09.11.21 | News
Kaisa Juuso
Magnus Fröderberg
Children from the Nordic Region who are forced to go abroad to get married must be helped back to their Nordic home country. The Nordic Council Welfare Committee therefore recommends that the Nordic embassies work together to tackle this important issue.

The Nordic Council Welfare Committee recommends that the Nordic governments’ foreign ministries work together to co-ordinate their activities in order to quickly and effectively help Nordic citizens who are lured abroad and then subjected to forced marriage. 

“Although prevention is better than cure, that’s not always possible, so we must help them return home. Helping children and young people who are forced into marriage return home requires good local knowledge, and contact with local authorities. This needs co-operation and co-ordination between the Nordic embassies or consulates,” says Kaisa Juuso, member of the Welfare Committee and the Conservative Group.   

They must be helped getting back home

Kaisa Juuso, Welfare Committee

Honour-related violence exists throughout the Nordic Region

There is broad support for the proposal in the Nordic Council, as this is an issue that all the Nordic countries are grappling with. 

“Combatting honour-related violence is about freedom. In simple terms, the freedom to decide over one’s own life. The lives of too many people are being restricted on the basis of culture and religion. I know that many people still fail to understand the seriousness of this. Honour-related violence and oppression exist in all the Nordic countries, regardless of what you call it,” says Arman Teimouri of the Centre Group, who is also backing the proposal.