Journalists, it’s time to apply for accreditation for the Nordic Council Session and awards ceremony

21.09.22 | News
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Journalists can now apply for accreditation for the 74th Session of the Nordic Council in Helsinki from 31 October to 3 November 2022. Journalists are invited to apply for accreditation using the link below, which is valid for both the Session and the awards ceremony of the Nordic Council prizes.

The Session is the biggest annual Nordic political forum and is attended by the Nordic Council’s 87 parliamentarians, the Nordic prime ministers, the Nordic ministers for foreign affairs, and a raft of other government ministers from across the Nordic Region.

The official opening of the session takes place on Tuesday 1 November at 14:30. On the same day, a plenary summit of the members of the Nordic Council and the Nordic prime ministers will take place.  This year’s guest speaker is the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö. He will give his speech on 1 November.

All plenary debates and meetings are open to the media and can also be followed live online (link below). The President and Vice President of the Nordic Council, the prime ministers, and the ministers for foreign affairs will hold press conferences throughout Session week. More information on these press conferences will be provided to journalists with valid accreditation.  

Session week will begin on Monday 31 October with meetings of the Nordic Council’s five party groups. The Nordic Youth Council will also hold its session the weekend before.

The Session ends on Thursday 3 November at 15:00. A new President and Vice-President for 2023 will be elected on the last day.

Nordic Council prizes to be awarded on 1 November

The Nordic Council’s awards ceremony will be held at Musikhuset in Helsinki starting at 19:50 (Finnish time) on Tuesday 1 November. Five prizes will be awarded. Only journalists who have accreditation for the Session may participate in the awards ceremony. Immediately after the awards ceremony, the winners will be available for interviews and photographs.

Due to a limited number of seats, there is a risk that not all accredited members of the press will get a seat in the hall. Anyone interested in following the awards ceremony should tick that option on the accreditation application form.

The broadcast starts at 20:00 (Finnish time).

Apply for accreditation by 28 October

Journalists and photographers wanting to cover the Session and awards ceremony must apply for accreditation by 14:00 (Finnish time) on 28 October. A valid press card is required. Press conferences will be held throughout the Session. More details about them will follow later. Accreditation is valid for all press conferences unless otherwise stated.

Since the accreditation window is now closed, please contact Matts Lindqvist (details below) if you have any questions.


If you have any media enquiries, please contact Matts Lindqvist on +46 73 855 3355 or by e-mail at

For general queries about the Session, please contact Mikael Carboni Kelk on +45 60 39 42 57, or by e-mail at

If you have any questions regarding the awards ceremony, please contact Elisabet Skylare on +45 21 71 71 27 or by e-mail at


The Nordic Council was established in 1952 and is the Nordic Region’s official inter-parliamentary body. It has 87 members from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland.